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Disposable tablecloths: how to choose the right one for your table.

08/11/2019 0 Comment(s)

Disposable tablecloths are now among the most used types of tablecloths in the catering service, trends are clear. But why use disposable tablecloths? What are the benefits? Let's find out all the pros and cons and the types of materials used.

Let's start by analyzing the advantages of using disposable tablecloths:

  • Disposable tablecloths reduce costs: no matter how good quality disposable tablecloths you decide to buy, it will certainly cost less than fabric tablecloths and the respective costs subsequent to using it (see washing the fabric in specialized laundries) .
  • The disposable table linen is hygienic: although a cloth napkin may have been well washed, we are sure that there are no residual germs from the previous use? This is why disposable products are the safest choice for guaranteeing hygiene and sterility to customers.
  • The disposable tablecloth offers us endless possibilities: the vastness of the colors and patterns available on the market gives us the possibility to expand widely and to be able to customize the table based on occasions, customers and style requirements.
  • The disposable tablecloth is practical and fast: it allows you to save on preparation time and subsequent dismantling of the table.
  • Disposable tablecloths are environmentally sustainable: the materials used for making disposable tablecloths are easily recyclable, in some cases, like in the Ecok line of Pack Service Italia, they are even COMPOSTABLE! On the contrary, cloth tablecloths require a waste of energy and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

The types of materials used for the production of disposable tablecloths

The multiplicity of materials used for the production of disposable tablecloths will give us the possibility to choose the one that best suits our needs based on color, type, imagination and cost.

TNT, better known as non-woven fabric, is obtained from the processing of polypropylene. It will almost always have an embossed effect, is ideal for containing costs and is easily recyclable in plastic collection. It perfectly combines practicality and versatility in an economical but at the same time captivating product.

Spunlace (Soft Touch Textile) is a high quality non-woven fabric, with a result very similar to fabric, resistant, elastic and soft. Ideal for those who need to increase the level of their services. Recyclable in plastic collection.

The Airlaid Natural Textile is a fabric made from dry-processed cellulose with an air technique and bonded with EVA adhesive: the result is a tablecloth very similar to the fabric, soft and of good consistency to the touch. The best absolute compromise between aesthetics and price. Recyclable in the paper collection.

Disposable tablecloth patterns

The disposable table linen has in its range, a vastness of products that allows us to choose in absolute freedom how to set up the table. The following types of tablecloths (with various sizes) are currently available on the market:

  • tablecloths,
  • doilies,
  • placemats,
  • runner,
  • napkins,
  • cutlery pockets.

You can also opt for a plain, simple and refined color, or to focus on a fantasy that enriches and gives that touch of style to the environment or even choose themed tablecloths based on the environment, the type of venue or occasion.

Christmas tablecloth: practical, convenient and design!

The arrival of the Christmas holidays is imminent and decorating the table and / or setting up the room will be an important task to impress the guests. Everything has to be taken care of down to the smallest detail, to make the environment welcoming to guests where they will have to feel "almost at home", at ease, but with that extra touch, in line with new trends.

The choice of Christmas disposable tablecloths will be perfect, it will help create the right Christmas atmosphere and combine attention to design with the practicality of a hygienic and convenient product.

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