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Custom Carpets

3M carpets for entrance, exteriors and recesses. Custom-made carpets that can be customized with the company logo, ideal for offices, hotels and businesses Decontaminating carpets for medical studies.

Buy 3M Nomad ™ entrance mats online to keep your flooring clean and dry. Chiwishop.com offers a wide range of professional rugs at affordable prices available in different models and colors to integrate with any type of environment: home, office, hotel, b & b, bars, restaurants, business premises, etc.

Earth Line ™ mats - remove coarse dirt and debris and are suitable for both exterior and recess.

Aqua ™ line rugs - remove and retain the finest dirt and moisture.

Also available are small, medium and large customizable mats and multilayer decontaminating mats for medical studies, designed to retain polluting factors (dust, micro particles and bacteria), potentially present on shoe soles and cart wheels, with bacteriostatic action.