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Prija Courtesy Set

Prija Courtesy Set


Prija is a hotel courtesy kit product line with very high quality standards, perfect for luxury hotels, residences and accommodations. It includes a range of products and items intended for customers of these tourist facilities in order to provide them a quality courtesy kit. Prija's product line we offer on our e-shop consists of the following items: small bottles or sachets of shampoo, bath cream, bath pad, massage lotion, hand and body lotion, wet wipes, you can choose a custom logo for soap, shaving kit, hair caps, toothbrush kit, q-tip, nail file, tissues, shoeshine buffer pad and cotton slippers.

All Prija's cleansers and lotions contain plants extracts from eastern and western botanical regions with natural healthy properties and their composition is hypoallergenic and it's characterized by special fragrances with aromatherapy properties.

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GFL Prija 4 Cotton Buds and 3 Cotton Balls - 100pcs

4 Cotton buds and 3 cotton balls in a recycled cardboard box Prija - Pack of 100 pieces.Stylized recycled cardboard case from the Prija line, it inclu..

€ 39.65 Ex Tax € 32.50

GFL Prija Bar of Soap with Logo gr25x500pcs

Vegetable soap 25 grams of beige color with logo engraved on the soap in recycled cardboard box GFL PRIJA - Pack of 500 pieces.Vegetable soap beige wi..

€ 158.48 Ex Tax € 129.90

GFL Prija Bath Tablet gr.35x400pcs

Effervescent bath pad in beige, 35 grams, in a recycled cardboard case. Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - Pack of 400 pieces.Relaxing bath pad in 100% r..

€ 479.90 Ex Tax € 393.36

GFL Prija Beard Care Set - 480 pcs

Beard set in recycled cardboard box Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - Pack of 480 pieces.Beard set in 100% recycled PRIJA paper case.CASE CONTENT: 1 dou..

€ 641.52 Ex Tax € 525.84

GFL Prija Body Cream ml.40x216pcs

Moisturizing and restorative body cream with vitamin E in 40ml PET bottle. of the courtesy GFL Prija - package of 216 pieces.40ml PET bottle. Prija bo..

€ 101.90 Ex Tax € 83.53

GFL Prija Body Cream sachet ml.5x500pcs

9x9 sachet cream toning body Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija 6 ml. - Pack of 500 sachetsTonic body cream with Green Walnut and Centella Asiatica in 6 ml..

€ 110.00 Ex Tax € 90.16

GFL Prija Body Lotion ml.40x216pcs

40ml PET bottle. cypress aromatherapy rest massage lotion GFL PRIJA - Pack of 216 pieces.Aromatherapy relaxing massage lotion with cypress, formulated..

€ 146.90 Ex Tax € 120.41

GFL Prija Cotton Slippers - 100 pairs

Unisex slipper (11.5 ") in white honeycomb cotton and eva sole Cortesia line Hotel GFL Prija - Pack of 100 pairs.Cotton slippers with eva sole, for yo..

€ 349.90 Ex Tax € 286.80

GFL Prija Cream Pack ml12x500pcs

9x9cm sachet. bath ginseng vitalizing cream Courtesy Line Hotel Gfl Prija 12ml - Pack of 500 sachets.Cream bath in revitalizing ginseng sachet of the ..

€ 86.90 Ex Tax € 71.23

GFL Prija Flow Pack Bar of Soap gr15x300pcs

Round vegetable soap flow pack Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija 15gr - Pack of 300 pieces.Emollient soap with a high concentration of natural glycerine. ..

€ 48.44 Ex Tax € 39.70

GFL Prija Ginseng Shampoo Bag ml.10x600pcs

Shower 10ml ginseng revitalizing shampoo. in packet size 6x10cm Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - Pack of 600 pieces.Ginseng revitalizing shampoo shower..

€ 53.90 Ex Tax € 44.18

GFL Prija Ginseng Shampoo Bottle ml.40x216pcs

Shower Shampoo in 40ml vial. revitalizing ginseng of the Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - saving pack of 216 pieces.Shower Shampoo in 40ml bottle Ginse..

€ 92.60 Ex Tax € 75.90

GFL Prija Ginseng Shower Cream ml.40x16pcs

40ml PET bottle. bath ginseng revitalizing cream of the Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - Pack of 216 pieces.Bath revitalizing cream with Ginseng of the..

€ 117.78 Ex Tax € 96.54

GFL Prija Hand Cream ml.4x500pcs

Velvety hand cream with Macadamia oil in sachet cm.9x9 - 40ml. of the Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - Pack of 500 pieces.Velvety hand cream with Macad..

€ 101.90 Ex Tax € 83.53

GFL Prija Nail Kit - 100pcs

Nail file with cherry stick packaged in recycled cardboard box of the Courtesy Line Hotel GFL PRIJA - Pack of 100 pieces.Nail file with cherry stick i..

€ 29.90 Ex Tax € 24.51

GFL Prija Paper Tissue 300x5pcs

5 Paper handkerchiefs in recycled cardboard box Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - Box of 300 cases.Paper handkerchiefs in 100% recycled paper bag.CASE C..

€ 86.90 Ex Tax € 71.23

GFL Prija Refreshing Wipe ml.4x500pcs

Refreshing energizing towel (9x9cm.) With lotus flowers of the Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - Pack of 500 pieces.Energizing towel with the Lotus Flow..

€ 73.20 Ex Tax € 60.00

GFL Prija Toothbrush Set - 50pcs

Set of teeth in a recycled cardboard box containing toothpaste and toothbrush Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - Pack of 50 pieces.Set for teeth in 100% ..

€ 48.10 Ex Tax € 39.43

GFL Prija Vegetal Bar of Soap gr40x266pcs

40 gram vegetable wrapped soap with essence Jungle Soap Courtesy Line Hotel GFL Prija - Pack of 266 bars of soap.Emollient soap with a high concentrat..

€ 139.90 Ex Tax € 114.67