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Travel Care Courtesy Set

Travel Care Courtesy Set


Travel Care is a courtesy kit product line is the most suitable for hotels and bed&breakfast with great value. It is made by natural extracts, with precious perfume and texture.

TravelCare includes teeth healthcare kit, body lotions, hair caps, linen bags, shoeshine pad, small bottles of shower gel, wc wrapping paper, soap, slippers, hygiene kit and "do not disturb" signs. 

Great for all kinds of accommodations, Travel Care products are all qualified by good quality, elegance and a very competitive price.

BOTTLES, SACHETS and TRAVEL CARE SOAP: Shower Gel, Body Lotions and bar of soap

  • Available online the following products of Travel Care courtesy kit product line: very small bottles of Shower Gel (20 ml o 30 ml), body lotions product line, Shower Gel sachet, Flow Pack soap, TNT GFL slippers, teeth healthcare kit.

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GFL Travel Care Flow Pack Bar of Soap 15gr - 300 pcs

Emollient soap 15 grams GFL Courtesy Line Hotel "Travel Care" - 300 pieces.Plissè wrapping soap from gr.15. High in formulation and fragrance, charact..

€ 38.56 Ex Tax € 31.61

GFL Travel Care Shower Cap - 100 pcs

Transparent shower cap GFL line "Travel Care" hotel courtesy packaged individually, sold in packs of 100 pieces.Shower cap in white PE bag of the Trav..

€ 14.90 Ex Tax € 12.21

GFL Travel Care Shower-gel - 600 pcs

Shower shampoo in 10ml sachet. "Travel Care" Hotel Courtesy Line - 600 pieces.Travelcare shower shampoo by GFL, enriched with blackcurrant extract, av..

€ 43.56 Ex Tax € 35.71