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-18% Disinfectant Powder For Medical Devices PEROXILL 2000gr

Water soluble chemical powder sterilizing disinfectant for surgical instruments Amedics Peroxill 2000g

Cold chemical sterilization

Medical device - class iia - directive 93/42 / cee technical sheet 01-09-2006

Composition -100 g of powder contain:

Component g

Sodium Perborate> 40.00 Active ingredients

TAED (Tetraacetylethylenediamine)> 20.00


Organic acid, anionic surfactant, stabilizer and corrosion inhibitor q.b. at 100.00


PEROXILL® 2000 is a white water-soluble powder indicated for decontamination with simultaneous cleansing and for high-level (cold chemical sterilization) rapid and safe disinfection of irons and surgical instruments in the dentistry, hospital and healthcare (podiatry) environment.

Action mechanism:

Peracetic acid (active oxygen), which is the active agent of PEROXILL® 2000, acts on the lipid membranes, DNA and other components essential to the life of the cell.

Baldry and Fraser (S. S. Block 4th edition Pag. 176) state that peracetic acid (active oxygen) interrupts the chemiosmotic function of the cytoplasmic lipoprotein membrane and the transport inside the cell, through a displacement or rupture of the cell wall.

Its characteristic of protein denaturant can explain its sporicidal action.

Applications and methods of use: peroxill® 2000 is a formulation specifically designed for all quick and effective decontamination and disinfection of instruments in the dental, hospital and healthcare (podiatry) field.

The specific indications are:

Decontamination with simultaneous cleansing of medical-surgical devices as per Decree 28 September 1990: Standards of protection against professional HIV infection in public and private health and welfare facilities; must, after use, be immediately immersed in a chemical disinfectant of recognized efficacy on HIV before disassembly or cleaning operations, to be carried out as a preparation for sterilization.

High disinfection (cold chemical sterilization) with simultaneous cleansing of medical-surgical devices.

PEROXILL® 2000 is a completely water-soluble preparation to be dissolved in tap water at the doses indicated in table No. 1.

Table n ° 1: Fields of application, doses of use and dive times

Primary decontamination with simultaneous cleansing 1%

1 scoop of 20 g per 2 liters of lukewarm tap water (35 ° C) 10 minutes

High disinfection with simultaneous cleansing (cold chemical sterilization) 2%

1 scoop of 20 g per 1 liter of warm tap water (35 ° C) 10 minutes

Preparation of the solution and method of use: pour the predicted amount of 35 ° C tap water into the tray; add 10 or 20 g of powder per liter of water using the measuring cup: mix the liquid regularly until a clear solution is obtained; use the solution as indicated below. This solution can be used with extreme safety up to 24 hours from the time of its preparation; the exhausted solution can be eliminated without any risk and danger through normal elimination channels; close the package when not in use.

Primary decontamination with simultaneous cleansing: immerse the instruments in the solution of PEROXILL® 2000 for 10 minutes immediately after use, without prewashing; in this time the peracetic acid or active oxygen carries out its rapid and safe biocidal activity, while the surfactants dissolve in water, break down and remove from the instruments, blood, mucus, pus and any other organic residue of protein and lipidic nature. at the end of the contact time, rinse the medical devices with tap water.

High level disinfection (cold chemical sterilization): remove the dirt from the instruments with prewash; immerse the instruments in the PEROXILL® 2000 solution for 10 minutes in order to obtain the removal of all forms of microbial life (sterilization); remove the instruments aseptically and rinse with sterile water.

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Disinfectant Powder For Medical Devices PEROXILL 2000gr

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