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Professional Detergents

Sutter Professional products: professional detergents

Sutter Professional cleaners are among the best products on the Italian and world market and boast an excellent quality / price ratio. Sutter is a historic company founded in 1858, with over one hundred years of experience in the sector, which deals with the sale and marketing of cleaning products aimed primarily at the professional sector such as Sutter products for industries, Sutter products for hotels, ho.re.ca., cleaning products used in schools, shops, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, public places, offices and homes.

At chiwishop.com all Sutter Professional products and professional detergents for sale at the best price, quick deliveries and 100% guarantee are available

On our e-store chiwishop.com you can view all Sutter products by entering the specific sub-categories of professional detergents divided according to the specific use of the products, namely: detergents for furniture and surfaces, bathroom detergents, kitchen / haccp, disinfectants, ecolabel , cleaning products for the food / agral industry, hand washing, laundry, dishwasher detergents, floors and finally the line of articles dedicated to cleaning vehicles / transport. In addition to the products of the Sutter Professional line, other brands are also sold that complete the wide range and assortment of professional detergent products such as Dash, Ace, Coccolino, Brill, Lesto.

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Bundle Sutter Start - 8 pieces

Bundle Sutter Start (2x Multigienic, 2x Plural Plus, 2x S.F. 210, 2x Edelweiss)MULTIGIENIC 500ml (2 pieces)PLURAL PLUS 500ml (2 pieces)S.F. 210 5..

€ 24.90 Ex Tax € 20.41

Bundle Sutter Start+ - 12 pieces

Bundle Sutter Start+ (2x Multigienic, 2x Plural Plus, 2x S.F. 210, 2x Edelweiss, 2x Onda, 2x Wash)MULTIGIENIC 500ml (2 pieces)PLURAL PLUS 500ml (2&nbs..

€ 39.90 Ex Tax € 32.70