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Professional floors cleaners.

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Acrylic Emulsion SUTTER METEOR MAXIMA 5kg

Sutter Meteor Maxima super bright anti-slip acrylic emulsion - 5kgAnti-slip effect tested by UL laboratoriesVery high gloss level with reduced mainten..

€ 54.90 Ex Tax € 45.00

Acrylic Sealant SUTTER BETON Floors 5kg

Acrylic sealant for porous and concrete floors Sutter Beton - 5kgSuitable for porous floors (eg cotto etc. ..)Anti-dust and anti-stain effectResistant..

€ 54.90 Ex Tax € 45.00

Carpet stain remover SUTTER INI-MOK 5kg

Stain remover detergent for cleaning textile coverings with Sutter Ini-Mok injection-extraction system - 5kgSuitable for the Bonnet injection-extracti..

€ 34.34 Ex Tax € 28.15

Crystallizing Floors SUTTER CRIS 5kg

Anti-slip crystallizer for marble floors, marble or grit Sutter Cris - 5kgAnti-slip crystallizer for the treatment of marble or marble grit floorsAnti..

€ 79.90 Ex Tax € 65.49

Deodorant Detergent SUTTER POM AMBIENCE WINTER 5kg. - 4pcs

Intensive deodorant floor cleaner Sutter Pom Ambience Winter 5kg. - pack of 4 piecesLong lasting deodorant effectFragrance of balsamic wood (Arctic am..

€ 88.90 Ex Tax € 72.87

Dust Spray SUTTER SPOLVERO MOP 500ml. - 12pcs

Antistatic anti-static dust-remover spray Sutter Spolvero MOP 500ml. - pack of 12 piecesAntistatic spray for floorsLong lasting antistatic effectIdeal..

€ 82.39 Ex Tax € 67.54

Floor Cleaner SUTTER COTTO WP 5kg

Water-oil repellent impregnating detergent Sutter Cotto WP - 5kgWater-based water-repellent impregnating agentHigh waterproofing power, without altera..

€ 67.90 Ex Tax € 55.66

Floor cleaner SUTTER GRES 5kg

Sutter Porcelain Stoneware, multi-purpose concentrated floor cleaner - 5kgSpecific detergent for cleaning and maintenance of stoneware or microporous ..

€ 29.90 Ex Tax € 24.51

Floor Cleaner SUTTER TERSO 5kg

Highly effective universal concentrated detergent for cleaning all washable surfaces Sutter Terso  -5kgHigh dissolving power and suitable for any..

€ 25.90 Ex Tax € 21.23

Floor Deodorant SUTTER POM AMBIENCE SUMMER 5kg. - 4pcs

Sutter aromatic deodorant floors Sutter aromatic line Pom Summer 5kg. - 4 piecesLong lasting deodorant effectSweet scent (Vanilla sweet almond)With cl..

€ 88.90 Ex Tax € 72.87

Flooring cleaner SUTTER GRES 750ml - 6pcs

Sutter Porcelain Stoneware, 750ml multi-purpose concentrated floor cleaner - 6 pieces packSpecific detergent for cleaning and maintenance of stoneware..

€ 34.90 Ex Tax € 28.61

LESTO Floor Cleaner 5kg. - 4pcs

Floor scented detergent Lesto 5kg tank. - 4 piecesIt is a detergent for low-foam floors for cleaning ceramic, marble, tile, stoneware, terracotta, rub..

€ 29.90 Ex Tax € 24.51

Multi-surface degreaser SUTTER FORTE 5kg

Highly effective degreaser for cleaning all surfaces Sutter Forte  - 5kgHighly degreasingManual or mechanical useDoes not develop foamHighly degr..

€ 28.90 Ex Tax € 23.69

Multipurpose Natural Cleaner SUTTER PINE 1lt. - 12pcs

Sutter Pine multi-purpose perfumed natural detergent 1 liter pack of 12 piecesMulti-purpose perfumed natural detergentTested effectiveness vs market l..

€ 36.03 Ex Tax € 29.53

Neutral detergent for parquet and floors protected with wax wax SUTTER AZZURRO 5kg

Flooring neutral detergent high concentration Sutter light blue waxing parquet - 5kgNon-slip neutral detergent with glossy residueAnti-slip effect tes..

€ 28.90 Ex Tax € 23.69

Sanitizing detergent SUTTER CLOROGEL 1lt. - 12pcs

Sanitizing detergent based on chloroactive Sutter Clorogel 1lt. - pack of 12 piecesExcellent sanitizing action with stain remover effectViscous produc..

€ 50.60 Ex Tax € 41.47

Sanitizing detergent SUTTER CLOROGEL 5kg.

Sutter Clorogel chlorinating gel hygienizing detergent kg.5Chlorine-based sanitizing detergentExcellent sanitizing action with stain remover effectVis..

€ 19.22 Ex Tax € 15.75

Super wax remover SUTTER EXTREME STRIPP 5kg

Super dewaxing concentrate Sutter Extreme Stripp - 5kgIdeal in the most extreme conditionsActive on every protectionIdeal in case of do over coatingSp..

€ 43.90 Ex Tax € 35.98

SUTTER APPLE Natural Cleaner 1lt. - 12pcs

Sutter Apple multi-purpose perfumed natural detergent from the Zero Ecolabel Line,1 liter - pack of 12 piecesScented multi-purpose natural detergent&n..

€ 44.90 Ex Tax € 36.80

SUTTER APPLE Natural Cleaner 5kg

Natural multi-purpose perfumed detergent SUTTER APPLE LINE ZERO - 5kgUniversal multi-purpose detergent for daily cleaning of hard surfaces. Also excel..

€ 17.90 Ex Tax € 14.67