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Furnishing and Surfaces

Furnishing and Surfaces

Professional cleaners for furnishings and surfaces.

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General Professional Multipurpose, 750 ml - 12 pcs

Race Glass cleaner and glass cleaner 750ml - 12pcsSuitable for deep cleaning glasses, mirrors, crystals, stainless steel surfaces, enamelled coatings,..

€ 41.42 Ex Tax € 33.95

General Professional Universal Degreaser 750ml.

Universal Surface Degreaser Cleaner 750ml - 12 pieces..

€ 41.42 Ex Tax € 33.95

Graffiti Remover Gel Sutter GRAFF REMOVER ULTRA 5kg

Graphite Sutter Graff Remover Gel Ultra Remover  - 5kgSuper-active solvent-based detergentAlso suitable for aluminum surfacesAdheres to vertical ..

€ 62.90 Ex Tax € 51.56

Polishing SUTTER MOBILE FRESH 500ml. - 12pcs

Antistatic cleaner with brilliant effect for furniture Sutter Furniture Fresh 500 ml. - 12 piecesWith beeswax. Protects and nourishes surfacesEliminat..

€ 74.90 Ex Tax € 61.39

Sutter degreaser XTRA-DEGREASER 750ml. - 12pcs

Sutter degreaser super active degreaser Xtra Degreaser 750 ml. - 12 piecesReady-to-use degreaser, ideal for daily cleaning of all types of washable su..

€ 64.34 Ex Tax € 52.74

SUTTER DIAMOND Natural Cleaner 5kg

Biodegradable natural multi-purpose self-drying detergent HACCP Sutter Diamond Line Zero - 5kgMulti-purpose natural detergentTested efficacy vs market..

€ 28.90 Ex Tax € 23.69

SUTTER Dust Spray SPOLVERO 500 ml. - 12pcs

Sutter multi-surface anti-static dust spray. 500ml. - 12 pieces.Suitable for all surfacesPrevents dust accumulationReduces airborne dust by catching i..

€ 74.90 Ex Tax € 61.39

SUTTER FLASH 750ml stain remover. - 12pcs

Unsticking stain remover, stain remover, super active cleaner ideal for schools and offices Sutter Flash 500ml. - pack of 12 piecesSuper active rapid ..

€ 63.14 Ex Tax € 51.75

Sutter Multipurpose Cleaner PLURAL PLUS 750ml. - 12pcs

Multipurpose cleaner Sutter Plural Plus 750ml. ideal for glass cleaning - Pack of 12 spray bottles.PLURAL PLUS: MULTIPURPOSE DETERGENT READY TO USE, D..

€ 47.43 Ex Tax € 38.88

Sutter Natural Cleaner DIAMOND 750ml. - 12pcs

Biodegradable natural multi-purpose self-drying detergent HACCP Sutter Diamond Line Zero - Pack of 12 pieces.Multi-purpose natural detergentTested eff..

€ 49.34 Ex Tax € 40.44

Sutter Natural Degreaser AMBER 5kg

Biodegradable natural vegetable degreaser surfaces Sutter Amber - 5kgZERO Bio-accumulation with surfactants of vegetable originZERO Phosphates, nickel..

€ 29.90 Ex Tax € 24.51

Sutter Natural Degreaser AMBER 750ml. - 12pcs

Natural biodegradable vegetable degreaser Sutter surfaces Amber 750ml. - 12 piecesZERO Bio-accumulation with surfactants of vegetable originZERO Phosp..

€ 59.84 Ex Tax € 49.05

Sutter Natural Degreaser DEGREASER PLUS 5kg

Sutter degreaser natural surfaces Degreaser Plus - 5kgTested efficacy vs market leader in ISO 17025 certified laboratoryProduced with raw materials of..

€ 29.90 Ex Tax € 24.51

SUTTER SPLENDID Cleansing Foam 500ml.

Sutter Splendid 500 ml surface degreaser cleansing foam.Does not leave halosSuitable for vertical surfaces or chandeliers. Does not runRapid actionQui..

€ 6.90 Ex Tax € 5.66

Hydroalcoholic Sanitizing Detergent Sutter XTRA-ALKO 750ml - 1 piece

XTRA-ALKO Ready to-use hydroalcoholic sanitizing detergent for surfaces ALCOHOL 76% haccp - 12 PIECES It does not require rinsing and evaporates quick..

€ 5.42 Ex Tax € 5.16

Specific detergent for stainless steel SANOCLEAN INOX 750ml. - 12pcs

Specific detergent for cleaning and sanitizing stainless steel, SANOCLEAN INOX, 750ml bottle. - pack of 12 pieces.Detergent with sanitizing and protec..

€ 96.38 Ex Tax € 79.00