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Professional detergents for kitchen/HACCP.

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Polishing Sutter TERGI INOX 500ml.

Rapid polishing cleaner for stainless steel Sutter Tergi Inox 500ml.The Sutter Tergi Inox 500ml spray polish. is a polishing cleaner for stainless ste..

€ 7.90 Ex Tax € 6.48

Sanitizer Kitchen Sutter SF 300 5kg

Sanitizing agent based on active chlorine bleaching Sutter SF 300 - 5kgActive chlorine-based detergent for quick cleaning of work benches, cooking sur..

€ 19.90 Ex Tax € 16.31

Sutter bleach TABS CHLORINE 500gr

Bleach cleaning tablets Sutter Tans Chlorine 500grHigh chlorine contentSanitizing effectExcellent solubilitySanitizing / bleached sanitizing tablets b..

€ 19.90 Ex Tax € 16.31

Sutter Concentrated degreaser SF 120 5kg

Super-active concentrated degreaser for kitchen surfaces Sutter SF 120 - 5kgIdeal for removing organic dirtManual or mechanical useSuitable for HACCP ..

€ 23.90 Ex Tax € 19.59

Sutter degreaser XTRA-DEG ​​ECOCAPS 60pcs

Degreasing capsules detergent Sutter Xtra Degreaser Ecocaps 22gr - 60 piecesDegreasing detergent in water-soluble capsulesUltra effective universal sc..

€ 124.90 Ex Tax € 102.38

Sutter Oven Degreaser SF 210 500ml. - 12pcs

Degreasing detergent oven grill Sutter hobs SF 210 500ml. - 12 piecesDegreasing detergent oven grill Sutter hobs SF 210High cleaning power degreaser f..

€ 46.90 Ex Tax € 38.44

Sutter Oven Degreaser SF 210 5kg

Degreasing detergent oven grill Sutter hobs SF 210 - 5kgEliminates charred fatEffective on both hot and cold surfaces.Suitable for HACCP useHigh clean..

€ 32.34 Ex Tax € 26.51

Sutter SF 110 Degreaser Kitchen 5kg

Kitchen degreaser HACCP floor cleaner Sutter SF 110 - 5kgDetergent for all surfaces in contact with foodHighly effective degreasing detergent for the ..

€ 19.90 Ex Tax € 16.31