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Professional detergents for laundry

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Coccolino Professional Fabric Softner lt10

Professional softener by hand and Coccolino 10L washing machineHigh quality softener, makes clothes soft, soft and pleasant to the touch. Accelerates ..

€ 14.52 Ex Tax € 11.90

Dash Proplus Detergent 13kg

Detergent Dash in sanitizing powder Professional Formula Proplus 13kg13kg Dash Proplus Detergent. is a complete enzymatic detergent with a sanitizing ..

€ 58.90 Ex Tax € 48.28

Enzyme Cleaner SUTTER ENZY EXTRA - 22kg.

Enzyme detergent for automatic fabric washing SUTTER ENZY EXTRA - 22 kg pack.Enzymatic formula with high performance in respect of tissuesHigh sequest..

€ 46.42 Ex Tax € 38.05

Softener Fabrics Sutter SOFT POWER CAPS - 20kg.

Perfumed liquid softener for automatic fabric washing Sutter Soft Power Caps - 20 kg.Highly scented, patented technology with micro capsules: long-las..

€ 84.18 Ex Tax € 69.00

SUTTER ALKA POWER Washing Additive - 24kg.

Alkaline additive for automatic fabric washing SUTTER ALKA POWER - 24 kg.Increases the sequestering power in the wash cycleHigh degreasing power with ..

€ 94.90 Ex Tax € 77.79

SUTTER CHLOR ACTIVE Whitening Fabrics - 24kg.

Active chlorine-based bleaching agent for automatic fabric washing Sutter Chlor Active - 24kg pack.Without phosphatesHighly concentrated and stabilize..

€ 94.90 Ex Tax € 77.79

SUTTER CLEAN ACTIVE Fabrics Detergent - 20kg.

Manual and automatic washing detergent for Sutter Clean Active fabrics - 20 kg pack.Suitable for any type of fabric. Does not alter colors.Active on a..

€ 134.90 Ex Tax € 110.57

SUTTER DEGRE PLUS Fabric Detergent - 20kg.

Sutter Degre Plus automatic fabric degreasing detergent - 20kg pack.Effective against stubborn stains, particularly on greasy dirtEnhanced formula wit..

€ 169.90 Ex Tax € 139.26

SUTTER OXY ACTIVE wash additive - 22kg.

Active oxygen-based additive for automatic fabric washing SUTTER OXY ACTIVE - 22 kg.Also suitable in agro-food environmentsHighly concentrated and sta..

€ 94.90 Ex Tax € 77.79

Sutter Per Active Laundry Disinfectant kg22

FOR ACTIVE SUTTER PROFESSIONAL: active oxygen-based disinfectant for use in the laundry area - 22kg format.Surgery Medical Pres. Reg. Min. San. No. 19..

€ 94.90 Ex Tax € 77.79


Perfumed softener by hand washing fabrics Sutter Soft Plus - kg.5Pleasantly scentedMakes ironing easier. With controlled foam and also suitable for de..

€ 14.90 Ex Tax € 12.21