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Agri-Food Industry

Agri-Food Industry

Professional detergents for industries and companies in the food industry

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Alkaline Degreasing Detergent for bodywork and hard surfaces SUTTER ALKA 9000 - 20kg.

Alkaline degreasing detergent for car body washing and hard surfaces, Sutter Alka 9000 20kg tank.With antiridpositantiHigh emulsifying powerDoes not a..

€ 84.18 Ex Tax € 69.00

Biological Activator Sutter BIOACTIVATOR 20kg.

Enzymatic biological activator for use in pipelines carrying septic tanks and waste water management systems Sutter BIOACTIVATORBioactivator Sutter Pr..

€ 315.98 Ex Tax € 259.00

Descaling Foam SUTTER ACIDFOAM - 20kg.

Sutter Acidfoam acid-based descaling detergent foam - 20kg.Contains mineral acids and is suitable for daily and periodic useEasy rinseFor agri-food in..

€ 60.44 Ex Tax € 49.54

Foam Degreaser SUTTER FOR CITRIC FOAM - 22kg.

Sutter Sanitizing Degreasing Foam For Citric Foam kg.223 in 1 effect: sanitizing, degreasing and anti-scaleFor agri-food industries. Conforms to HACCP..

€ 59.90 Ex Tax € 49.10

Sanitizing SUTTER AGRASAN PER - 22kg.

Sanitizing food disinfectant based on peracetic acid Sutter Agrasan Per - 22kg.AGRASAN PER - Sanitizing agent based on peracetic acidHighly concentrat..

€ 97.48 Ex Tax € 79.90

Sutter ACIDPLUS 24kg Disinfectant Detergent

HACCP acid descaling detergent 24kg Sutter Acidplus brewery dairies.Double active principle (phospho / nitric) for greater effectiveness. Also suitabl..

€ 64.90 Ex Tax € 53.20

SUTTER ALKACHLOR FOAM degreaser - 22kg.

Sutter Alkachlor Foam based sanitizing degreasing foam - 22 kg.Highly degreasingWhitening and sanitizing effectFor agri-food industries. Suitable for ..

€ 79.90 Ex Tax € 65.49

SUTTER ALKAFOAM SUPER degreaser - 24kg.

Sutter Alkfoam Super alkaline degreasing cleansing foam - 24 kg.Suitable for daily and periodic useEasy rinseFor agri-food industries. Suitable for HA..

€ 61.90 Ex Tax € 50.74

Sutter Alkaline Degreasing Detergent ALKA CIP 24kg.

Agri-food industry degreasing detergent Sutter Alka Cip 24kg can.Suitable for use in CIPDoes not contain surfactants, not foamingFor agri-food industr..

€ 84.90 Ex Tax € 69.59

Sutter Degreasing Detergent ALKADET 24kg.

Agri-food industry degreasing detergent Sutter Alkadet 24kg tankOdorless liquid detergent with high cleaning power and anti-redeposition of dirt.Excel..

€ 56.90 Ex Tax € 46.64

Sutter Degreasing Detergent ALKANET PLUS 24kg.

Liquid degreasing detergent for the agri-food industry Sutter Alkanet Plus 24kg tank.Suitable for use in CIPEnhanced formula. Does not contain surfact..

€ 64.90 Ex Tax € 53.20

Sutter Degreasing Detergent CHLORDET 24kg.

Sanitizing degreasing detergent with active chlorine Sutter Chlordet 24 kg tank.Sanitizing degreasing detergent without foam with chlorine active for ..

€ 79.90 Ex Tax € 65.49